“Youth Business Fair” aka “Young People Business Fairs/Expo” Helps Children, Teens & Young Adult Entrepreneurs, SHINE through fairs/expos throughout the USA! Through participation our young people learn, apply and/or improve their social, business & leadership skills. Three sections:

Children Ages 6 to 12yrs old
Teens Ages 13 to 19yrs old
Young adults Ages 20 to 26yrs old

Locations are announced one week before event

Pics posted at website after events 

If your are from any of the 5 boros and Long Island, Jersey City & Bayonne New Jersey contact us if you want to participate, email us a mini bio about you, your city, state and your business. 

We are have REGULAR & POP UP
Youth Business Fairs &Young People Business Fairs/Expos
Be a part of it!